Endowment Funds

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The endowment funds listed below have been established in response to the need to sustain JFS programs and services, and also in response to donor interest.  If you would like to make a donation to any of these funds, please contact our Development Team at (973) 765-9050.

Horizons Unrestricted Endowment Fund helps to support the ongoing operations and enhances JFS’ ability to be responsive, creative and flexible in addressing community needs.

Safety Net Restricted Endowment Fund supports the full range of safety net services provided under the auspices of JFS, including emergency financial assistance, subsidized counseling and client case management.

Benisch Transportation Fund for Disabled Seniors provides JFS clients with transportation through MetroTransport, giving them access to medical, counseling and case management services.

Case Management Endowment Fund helps support JFS Case Management, which provides services to adults with chronic mental illness and those who come to JFS seeking an immediate response to a crisis.

Ellin Cohen Memorial Endowment Fund provides ongoing support to the Café Europa program and also assists JFS clients who are impacted by cancer.

Joseph F. Goldberg Learning Disabilities Seminar Endowment Fund supports an annual parenting seminar on the topic of learning disabilities and features noted speakers to help parents whose children struggle with a range of learning disabilities.

Allen Levithan Memorial Fund was established in memory of Allen Levithan, a past president of JFS, and provides support for programming aimed at teenagers and issues of identity, expression, and mental health.

Rachel Coalition Endowment Fund supports a comprehensive range of programs and services to meet the needs of families impacted by domestic violence in our community.

Ruth Sagner Center for Family Play Therapy Endowment Fund assists in replacing equipment as needed and provides family systems and play therapy training for JFS staff from sources recommended by the Sagner Family Foundation.

Sarah & Jerome J. Zeller Elder Case Management Fund supports expenses associated with providing elder case management services.

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