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Services for Families and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Connect with your child with Autism through this unique and proven program!

DIR Floortime  for Families and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Follow the child’s lead.

Join the child’s world and pull them into a shared world.

The DIR Model and Floortime Approach is an intervention program tailored to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental challenges. It is a comprehensive developmental framework which enables clinicians, parents and educators to construct a program tailored to the child’s unique challenges and strengths.

With Floortime, clinicians and caregivers get down on the floor and work with the child to master each of their developmental capacities. The ultimate goal is to help the child to become a more empathetic, creative, logical and reflective individual.

JFS is one of only a few providers with expertise in DIR Floortime in Northern New Jersey. Clinicians utilize this program in combination with other modalities to suit each child’s developmental needs.

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