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Geriatric Consultations & Assessments

Helping Caregivers Navigate the Aging Process

During the aging process, there often comes a time when it’s necessary to evaluate or consider options for an older adult can no longer live independently. This can be a time when the children of an older adult need to take on more caregiving responsibilities.

Help in Caring for a Senior

The transition mentioned above can be filled with many emotions for both generations. Frequently, the process of beginning to care for an older adult can be overwhelming, and people often feel unprepared for this responsibility.

Learning From an Assessment

A JFS consultation and/or assessment can help older adults and their children achieve and maintain the best possible quality of life by:

  • determining the appropriate care for the older adult’s unique circumstance
  • lessening the strain of caregiving for the family
  • assisting with the complex emotions experienced when generations must change roles and responsibilities

Conducting Consultations

Consultations may be conducted with the children alone or may include a full home assessment with the older adult. The assessment considers the needs of the older adult while addressing the adult child’s concerns about work and life issues.

Making Recommendations in a Range of Areas

After determining what is needed and conducting a thorough examination of available resources, the JFS social worker will make suggestions in the following areas:

  • medical assessments by a geriatrician, geriatric psychiatrist, or neurologist
  • resources and referrals to professional services including in-home support or alternative residential settings
  • determination of entitlements and benefits
  • coaching and advocacy

Once everyone is in agreement, a personalized care plan is developed and a formal written document is presented.

Payment Options

All JFS services are offered on a non-discriminatory basis. JFS of MetroWest NJ is licensed by the State of New Jersey as a provider of outpatient mental health counseling services. We have managed care contracts with most insurance companies. Insurance plan benefits vary, and our intake specialist can help you to determine your level of insurance coverage. JFS accepts Medicare and Medicaid plans. Clients can self-pay for services, and we offer a subsidized sliding scale for those requiring financial assistance.

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