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Geriatric Care Management

Creating a Plan for Short and Long Term Needs

We realize that caring for an aging loved one can be fraught with difficult decisions. That’s why Jewish Family Service offers guidance and support for assessing needs and making the appropriate choices.

In many instances, an initial consultation is all that is necessary to help with the situation of an older adult. In other cases, long-term follow-up and assistance is desired in the following areas.


In cases of hospitalization, the JFS social worker can be present as a patient advocate. If the patient is at home, the social worker can arrange for necessary medical care and follow-up, coordination of medical appointments, and transportation as well as in-home medication and monitoring.

Insurance and Finances

The JFS social worker can provide the information and referral support needed for processing insurance claims, appealing inequitable decisions, bill payment, and daily money management.


The JFS social worker can help by arranging for and supervising home health aides, equipment, and supplies. The social worker can also assess  home safety and arrange for the installation of safety features in the home as well as meal delivery, if needed.

Placement in an Alternative Care Setting

One of the most difficult choices to make can be a placement in alternative care. JFS social workers will research, investigate, and recommend environments that can best enhance an older adult’s quality of life and that will be the most appropriate for his/her needs and financial resources. The social worker can also assist with the application process.


For your peace of mind, our social workers can keep a watchful eye over all aspects of the care plan developed for the older adult. This includes regular communication with family members and interventions in a crisis or emergency situation.

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