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Safety Net Services

Financial Case Management and Assistance

Jewish Family Service is the safety net of the MetroWest community, helping individuals and families through crises and problems.

Addressing Financial-Related Issues

Problems we address range from catastrophic illness, not having health insurance, unemployment, psychiatric illness, housing/rent problems, debt, funeral expenses or filling the gap until entitlements begin.

Helping People Regain Financial Control

JFS staff assess the nature of the problem, and make the determination of what role financial relief may play within the stressors and dynamics in evidence. The goal is to optimize and leverage financial relief towards helping people achieve greater control over their lives and not foster dependence on JFS. If other concrete or social services are required, JFS case management services can provide the needed support.

Addressing Health-Related Issues

Dedicated resources exist to support individuals and families struggling with issues of debt that are the result of a health related emergency. This Healthcare Emergency Relief Fund provides eligible JFS clients with access to emergency assistance for healthcare related expenses.

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