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Integrated Case Management

Helping You Manage Life’s Challenges

JFS provides integrated case management services for adults with significant emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric challenges, disabilities, and chronic financial hardships.

Services That Foster Independence

The goal of integrated case management is to assist the individual in maintaining the highest level of independence in the community, minimize hospitalizations, and maintain stability in their everyday living. We accomplish this through a process of:

  • Information and referrals
  • Counseling
  • Assessment and consultation of a family situation (e.g. finding a residential facility for aging parents, dealing with young adults with disabilities or mental illness, etc.)
  • Development of a care plan with other community providers
  • Coordination and integration of care with other professionals, including attorneys, physicians, etc.
  • Monitoring the individual and the care plan
  • Facilitating financial assessment screenings, which include providing assistance with budgeting and support to access eligible government entitlements
  • Advocacy for clients to government entities, insurance companies, landlords, creditors, etc.

Including Family Members in the Process

All treatment planning is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Clients and family members are actively encouraged to participate in collaborative planning so that there is a greater assurance of compliance and satisfaction with treatment choices. Through this integrated approach, JFS is better able to address the unique and complex needs of the individual in a more comprehensive and supportive manner.

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