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Crisis Intervention

Crisis can happen to anyone.

We are here to help with interventions that take many forms, tailored to your needs.

Brief Crisis Counseling

Focused on minimizing the stress of the crisis event, counseling can provide emotional support and improvement of in-the-moment coping strategies. JFS is a voluntary outpatient service. If desired, crisis counseling can be extended into traditional, longer term psychotherapy.

Information and Referral

Clients who require more service than what JFS can offer are referred to the appropriate resources. Telephone based support can help provide callers with a variety of referrals, including:

  • psychiatric assessment and evaluation
  • hospitalization for stabilization
  • government entitlement referrals and entitlement screenings
  • community based resources that respond to the individual’s needs

Safety Net and Emergency Financial Aid

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Supporting Other Organizations with Crisis Management Services

JFS staff has been asked to provide Critical Incident Debriefing for organizations, corporations, schools, etc. following a crisis (e.g. the sudden death of an employee or student, natural disaster, robbery, etc). These debriefings involve individual and/or group counseling as well as consultation for a management response. JFS is listed as a provider for the northern New Jersey area with Crisis Care Network, a national source for incident debriefings for the corporate community.

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