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Coordinated Care of MetroWest

Caring for People with Special Needs

Coordinated Care of MetroWest (CCM) is a specially designed private pay program which provides case management services for family members with special needs, including developmental and/or psychiatric disabilities.

Planning, Coordinating Care, and Advocating on Your Behalf

Coordinated Care of MetroWest (CCM) — through a JFS case manager — will oversee, coordinate and provide personal advocacy for the services, care, and benefits your family member requires. All this will be in accordance with a plan that you help create.

Coordinated Care of MetroWest:

  • assists families in the planning process, helping them to create a care plan that reflects the needs of their family member, even as those needs change
  • will be there for your loved one to help in a crisis or for other unanticipated situations
  • will communicate with designated professionals and family or friends about your loved one’s needs and changing situation
  • will assist your loved one in accessing educational, recreational, and employment services in the community

For a basic overview of Coordinated Care Case Management Services, click here.

How It Works

Enrolled participants in CCM either establish a trust through CCM to provide lifetime case management following the death of a parent/guardian, or purchase case management hours on an as-needed basis prior to the passing of a parent.

How It’s Managed

CCM is governed by a Board of Trustees and works in partnership with JFS, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest (JCF), and MetroWest ABLE. CCM has been a designated special needs community trust in the state of New Jersey since 1999.

Other Partners in Coordinated Care of Metrowest

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ (JCF) was founded in 1949 and now is the largest community foundation in New Jersey. JCF has more than 60 years of experience managing charitable assets in donor-advised funds.

MetroWest ABLE was created by the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey as a network of community leaders and professionals dedicated to advocating for and supporting individuals and families with special needs. MetroWest ABLE provides education and raises awareness in the community about individuals with special needs and works with area families, synagogues, and local agencies to create a community that is accessible to all its members.

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