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Marshaling Volunteers to Do Good

CareLink’s goal is to broaden the base of volunteerism within the community — often involving families, singles, teens, and retirees — and to have other agencies and institutions connect with CareLink to accomplish their objectives as well.

Support for those in need

Empowering Agencies to Do More

CareLink is a partnership of Jewish Family Service, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey and JCC MetroWest.  Together, these agencies have joined forces to provide meaningful, time-limited volunteer opportunities that focus on local needs and utilize the resources of dedicated volunteers to accomplish what the agencies alone cannot do.

Connecting People to People

Together with JFS, JFGMW and JCC MetroWest, CareLink has become the community forum for connecting “people to people.”  Through CareLink, community volunteers assemble and deliver kosher for Passover food packages to isolated older adults and individuals with special needs. The first Hudson County Passover CareLink delivery program was held in 2004.


For more information, call the JFS Volunteer Coordinator at 973-765-9050 or email