About Us

Improving Our Community


Evolving With the Times While Staying True to Our Mission

For over 150 years, JFS has provided the MetroWest community with life-changing mental health and social services. From our establishment in the mid-nineteenth century as an orphanage to the present day, we have stayed true to our mission to help all those in need.

Immigrants Settle in the United States

In the early 1860’s, as the United States was wrestling with the impact of the Civil War, our country was also a burgeoning nation of immigrants. immigrants from across Europe were coming to America to build new lives, escape persecution, and to provide for their families. America was seen as the refuge for all those seeking freedom and prosperity, and Greater Newark, New Jersey was a primary destination for these immigrants.

Our Community’s First Response to the Needy

JFS BuildingEstablished in 1861, the Hebrew Benevolent Orphan Society served as our community’s first organized response to widows and orphans, the poor, and the needy of Greater Newark. As mergers followed, that Society evolved into the Jewish Counseling and Service Agency, and is today called the Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey.

Comprehensive Services for Northern
New Jersey

Years after its founding, JFS is the MetroWest community’s premier mental health and social service Agency providing comprehensive behavioral healthcare and related social services to over 4,000 members of the Jewish and general communities in Essex, Morris, Sussex, North Union, and lower Hudson Counties.

A Proud History of Helping People In Need

JFS TodayThroughout JFS’s history, we have fulfilled our mission of helping those in need. We have resettled Holocaust survivors, supported the poor, assisted with adoptions, helped older adults to remain independent in their own homes, educated the community about domestic abuse, administered the Hebrew Free Loan fund, counseled adults, families, children and teens, supported local synagogues and sister Jewish communal agencies, and so much more.