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About Us

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Guided by the wisdom and values of our tradition of respect for all people, Jewish Family Service of MetroWest, New Jersey provides innovative, compassionate, and outstanding social services to enhance the independence and well-being of individuals and families throughout all stages of life.


Jewish Family Service of MetroWest aims to be the premier Agency within the MetroWest, New Jersey area providing for the social services and mental health needs of the greater community with unparalleled professionalism, humanity, and respect for all who seek its support.

JFS MetroWest strives to ensure access and meaningful participation by all members of the community.Please call to discuss how we can help you.

JFS Brand Presentation

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JFS MetroWest strives to ensure access and meaningful participation by all members of the community. Please call to discuss how we can help you.

Board of Trustees:

Marion Medow, President
Steven J. Glass, Vice President
Melanie Levitan, Vice President
Lisa Lindauer, Vice President
Carrie Nussbaum, Vice President
Sandra Z. Rosenbaum, Vice President
Michael Elchoness, Treasurer
Andrea G. Bier, Secretary
Nancy L. Eskow, Immediate Past President


Shari Brandt Jed Marcus
Lisa K. Buber Robert Marcus
Fred Cohen Isabel Margolin
Thelma Florin Leslie Mayesh
Brynn Friedman Maxine Myers
Joyce Friedman Jean Rich
Tara Halpern Ron Rickles
Tanya Helfand Peter Sayre
Linda Jacobs Barbara Sebiri
Jill Johnson Jeff Shapiro
Merle Kalishman David Sorkin
Steven Kany Sharon Spindel
Stephen Lampf Aaron Wolff
Mitchell Lieberman Rita Yohalem
Avram Lyon


Past Presidents:
William Abrams
Alan Gebroe
Jerry Harwood
David Hyman
Ellen B. Kulka
Steven Klinghoffer
Allen Levithan
Carol Marcus
Pearl Schlossman Pall
Bart Schneiderman
Leonard Solondz
Marian Stern
Harvey Zeller

Professional Staff:

Senior Management:

Reuben D. Rotman, Executive Director  Click for bio

Jayne L. Sayovitz, LCSW, Assistant Executive Director

Ellen King, Chief Financial Officer

Anita Millman, Director of Development

Amy Savin, Coordinator of Administration

Program Management:

Suzy Berman, LSW, Coordinator, Volunteer Services

Shari Bloomberg, LCSW, Clinical Director, Domestic Violence Services

Sara Mendez Emma, LCSW, Clinical Director, Child & Adolescent Services

Suzanne Groisser, JD, Director, Domestic Violence Legal Services

Sylvia Heller, MPH, Coordinator of Community Programming

Lauren Hennion, LCSW, Clinical Director, Adult Services

Susan Schechter, LCSW, Clinical Director, Older Adult Services

 Annual Reports

2014-15 Annual Report

Audited Financial Statements and Form 990s

2014-15 Audited Financial Statements and Form 990